Sell and buy at your own risk...
 #166804  by Jblue76
 Thu Jan 23, 2020 6:31 pm
Selling my 2010 USA G&L S-500. A Leo Fender Post Fender beauty! With a bathtub route electronic mods will be a breeze. G&L’s Saddle Lock bridge is an incredible top-loading hardtail bridge. It has an alder body, tortoise pickguard, a sweet maple slim C neck with tinted gloss finish, 12” radius maple fretboard with pearl dot inlay and black dot side markers. Locking tuners make string changes a breeze. The MFD pickups are a very hot pickup with ceramic magnets. This has the PTB (passive treble bass) tone circuit enabling you to control bass and treble separately for a huge range of sonic possibilities. The S-500 also has an expander toggle switch which allows for additional pickup combinations beyond the regular Strat 5 pickup combinations (neck and bridge with emphasis on the neck, neck and bridge with emphasis on the bridge, or all three pickups together). The guitar is in great shape; it’s definitely not without hesitation that I let her go! $950 + shipping. ... p=drivesdk
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