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Heads-up that I’ll be listing my JG gear on Reverb on Friday or Saturday.

PRS Custom 24 SE with Jerry Garcia Mods: $2,500
SMS Classic Tube Preamp - JG Version: $600
McIntosh MC250: $900
JBL K-120 pro recone: $250

Bought this guitar new and had it modified by the very talented Brian White at IO Custom Guitars in March of 2017 with a complete Jerry Garcia style overhaul. Only ever played in my non-smoking home studio. Includes PRS gig bag, DiMarzio cliplock nylon strap, OBEL breakout box, and custom 12’ guitar/OBEL cable.

Modification Parts included:
• 3 Dimarzio SDII Pickups
• Sperzel Trimlok Locking Tuners
• Custom Brass Pickup Surround
• Custom Brass Jack Plate
• Custom Brass Rear Cavity Plate
• Brass Nut
• Wald TCP 1
• Custom Blaster with J230 and Allen/Bradley Carbons
• 3 Pup Series/Coil Split Switches On/Off/On 3 position
• 3P2T UGB/Blaster Switch
• 2 Position DPDT OBEL Y/N
• 5 Way Fender Style Pup Selection Switch
• 25K Volume Pot
• 500K Tone Pot for middle Pup
• 500K 2 Ganged Tone Pot for Neck/Bridge Pup with Push/Pull Passive/Active Switch
• 3 Ceramic Tone Capacitors
• 2 Stereo ¼” Jacks
• 9-volt battery and Jack
• Shielding Paint & Copper
• Black Anodized Aluminum Knobs
• MannMade Tone Block and Saddles
• Breakout Box with OBEL In/Out Switch
• 12’ Custom Guitar/OBEL Cable

Modification Labor Included:
• Electronics Upgrade/Layout/Install/Rewire
• Install Brass Nut and Cut String Slots
• Route Body for Middle Pickup
• Level/Dress Frets
• Adjust Truss Rod, Set Intonation, Pup Height, etc.
• Install new Tuners and Plug Screw holes
• Install MannMade Saddles and Tone Block
• Block Trem with Hardwood

Note that Brian darkened the brass pickup surround for a sort of dark grey stealth look. However, lots of play with my finger on the surround has buffed a section back to its true brass color. Also, the fret board does show some slight wear in the more frequently used spots (can’t really see it when the board is conditioned).

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