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Hey Now.. We are a a rock and roll trio from Southern NH called The Bulkheadz.. (guitar/mando, guitar/bass, drums)
We are looking to add an EXPERIENCED keyboardist to our sound.
Someone who...
- has experience playing live in a band setting..
- can read music, understand music theory/language
- can improv/jam.. be able to follow along easily with others, "pick it up" quick

We’re all in our 50-60 somethings.. families, jobs, etc.. we do this for fun.
We typically gig about once a month…2-3 sets of mixed classic rock and 'dance' rock across many different artists from the 60’s to today! We are always coming up with some obscure tunes to cover.
We try to practice once a week.

We’ll have a rehearsal/“jam” session.
You come sit in with us and we run the list below from our current rotation. Please know the music, be able to improv to the music, and take solos anywhere in the music. We need someone with finesse.. dynamics! Vocals are always a plus!
Eventually, we will expand into other interesting keyboard and piano tunes... These are just tunes to get us going for now.

Thanks for listening..
The Bulkheadz (with a z)

contact us through Facebook Messenger:

Audition/jam tunes:

American Band
And It Stoned Me
Atlantic City
Call Me the Breeze
Come Together
Harder They Come
Hey Pocky Way
Stop Dragging My Heart Around
I Shot The Sheriff (reggae feel)
I’m Your Captain / Closer to Home
Jack Straw / GD
Love Her Madly
Mama Dont Dance
Mama Told Me Not to Come