#6433  by nedcat
 Fri Jun 16, 2006 7:43 pm
I want to know who of you was actually at THAT show in HIGHgate Vermont. I was and it was one of Jerry's last, so can anyone of you "westcoasters" say that you were there? I might have seen ya...or better yet slapped U 5 during "crazy fingers" (They did play that right?) It was on old deteriorating airport 20 miles from the Canadial Border. I saw every kind of human species (some I want to forget) and there was an un-believable traffic jam on the way back to Boston. Took days and we just camped out the whole time.

 #6434  by nedcat
 Fri Jun 16, 2006 8:23 pm
Strum, yeah I was right there when it happened and IMHO the dudes were all college age and MUCH happier that they were breaking the law than happy to see The Grateful Dead Live. These were shallow people for the most part and I really dont like the fact that the chose this show to crash. I am still angry....only good thing to come out of this particulal incident? That VT State Polive abandoned the concert site and we could go out to the parking lot and get beers, etc during intermission...I mean RIGHT thru the gates and back again for the 2nd set. Truely unbelievable....I would have not believied it had I not been there.