#37825  by dpmphoto
 Wed Feb 13, 2008 7:54 pm
Was wondering if you guys have tried the mini qtron.I know the big emma is great but I'm looking for something a little less expensive.

 #37843  by austin
 Wed Feb 13, 2008 11:37 pm
i have the boss auto-wah pedal which if believe is very similar if not the same? to an envelope filter. i like it a lot, i think it was like 120 bucks. you can check it out on you tube it's pretty cool and i think is good for a jerry imitation

 #37849  by BlobWeird
 Thu Feb 14, 2008 5:07 am
I have the Qtron+ and Id imagine the Mini is close to this so Id have to say it would be a good deal. I love my Q

 #37855  by myoung6923
 Thu Feb 14, 2008 7:26 am
I have a few differet envelopes - the Boss T Wah, MXR envelope, and Q-Tron+ - I have also tried the Haz Mutron. My favorite is the Q-Tron by far. I've heard great things about the Emman, I just have never tried it. I imagine that the mini Q-Tron would be very good - just with not as many options for changing the tone. My vote for budget would be the mini Q-Tron.

 #37871  by tigerstrat
 Thu Feb 14, 2008 10:30 am
The Boss Auto-Wah is a weird pseudo-envelope effect with a "Rate" setting which controls the sweep. $120???!!!? You can get the regular Q-Tron for that! The FT-2 Dynamic Filter is a slightly better Boss effect, a true envelope follower but not a very good one imo, and pretty much all Boss stompboxes are tone whores.

+1 for the mini-Qtron... Fareed Haque, one of the greatest guitarists alive uses one to excellent effect. The main diff of the mini seems to be that it has no "Hi/Lo" range selector... is it permanently on "Lo"? (who would even use "Hi"?)

 #37874  by GratefulPat
 Thu Feb 14, 2008 10:45 am
i use the mini q and its alright. it does the job but it sometimes has some weird things going on, maybe just odd settings... like it will wah real hard on the low e and ill get no wah off the high e.. hard to explain, like i said gets the job done

 #37880  by Tennessee Jedi
 Thu Feb 14, 2008 11:04 am
Grateful Pat
Did you try messing with where you pick the note on the high E ?
When I get to the E string I move my picking hand closer to the bridge and it seems to help keep the quack; esp if you are using the bridge pup.
I use a Q Tron - the mini or the micro -I cant remember.
Give it a shot... :cool: :cool:

 #37883  by BayAreaBB
 Thu Feb 14, 2008 11:10 am
I think the mini has been replaced with the micro. Same deal, just smaller case. The micro goes for around $80 new.

 #39367  by Rusty the Scoob
 Wed Mar 05, 2008 4:53 am
If you can find and afford one (I got mine for $40 :cool: ) I'm very impressed with my Lovetone Meatball... it lives up to the hype. There's a learning curve to it but it's very versatile and musical.

 #39461  by shakedown_04092
 Wed Mar 05, 2008 5:55 pm
Rusty the Scoob wrote:If you can find and afford one (I got mine for $40 :cool: ) I'm very impressed with my Lovetone Meatball... it lives up to the hype. There's a learning curve to it but it's very versatile and musical.
Been looking for one for my brother (who plays bass) for quite some time but no luck.

If anyone finds one let me know? Thanks!

 #39470  by Pigpen
 Wed Mar 05, 2008 8:19 pm
Mini-Q Tron works great for me, real fun. I really want the memory man with hazaari now.

 #41603  by ELPManticore
 Fri Apr 11, 2008 8:13 am
I use the DigiTech XSW Snyth Wah...

Obvi a lower end pedal, but it's pretty functional, and you can get a good variety of sounds out of it, esp. if you get the one with the 'x-factor' knob, which changes something with the eletronics circutry that I can't explain but results in cool sounds. :D

Anyhow, I got mine on ebay for cheap ($40) but a used Q-tron might be worth the extra $. Depends on how often you'll be using it.

 #41629  by BlobWeird
 Fri Apr 11, 2008 12:46 pm
As I stated above the Q tron is the shit but beware. It seems to be a faulty deal. I went to pop on my Q for a JGB Catfish John yesterday and all my sound cut. When I click again I go back to my normal amp sound. But ALL the sound is cut when I turned it on. So I opened it up and checked out the inside. Couldnt see anything wrong. I figured maybe the resistors on the output and input might be no good. So I wrote down the color codes and closed it back up. Of course I had to try it once more to be sure and low and behold it worked again. But now im worried its gonna crap out. So just beware lol.

 #41635  by WSPHead
 Fri Apr 11, 2008 4:22 pm
I vote for the Emma Discombobulator. There is a Envelope Filter pedal review somewhere on here.. :D