#1156  by phpbb
 Tue Oct 19, 2004 9:32 pm
Hey all -

If you haven't noticed, the fonts have changed. This will make posting tabs and reading tabs appear the same.

Also, at ed's nudging, I've been adding some emoticons, which are bound to fluctuate as we see fit.

However, There have been lots of requests to find a way to format chords. I've added a Space Smilie for those of you who are posting chords. To use it, there is a special char - I don't know the name of it (perhaps the Accent Grave?), but it is the character underneath the tilde (~), which is located in the top left section of my keyboard. That is the code for a transpacent spacer smilie to be placed. For Instance:
This is a Test

I wouldn't mind if people checked out the Test tab in Tune Submissions and let me know if it is properly formated on your desktop. I just need to know if its not working.

Gregg :cheers: