#7267  by ebick
 Wed Jul 12, 2006 10:49 am
OK, so MANY years ago, I bought a gross of Dunlop Tortex picks.....orange ones. I always tended to lose them, and they seemed so expensive buying a couple here and there, so I bought a bunch and they have lasted me years....until now.

As I have recently been playing more again, I am finding myself scrounging for them. So I found a boatload out on E-Bay, but here's my question.

I use what I believe is a medium pick. I can not read the thickness on the one or two that I have left and I can't correlate the MM thicknesses to anything.

Would .48mm be considered Thin? Medium? Thick?

It's a 500 lot buy, and even though they are cheap, I want to make sure they are not too thin or too thick.

Thanks in advance.

 #7269  by jck_strw
 Wed Jul 12, 2006 10:59 am
I believe that would be thin. I use Mediums and they're usually in the .7-.8mm range. I have a couple of Heavy that are like 1.1mm

BTW--I use the Dunlop Tortex picks as well. I love that textured thing.