#7140  by wisedyes
 Sun Jul 09, 2006 11:48 am
Un-phreakin'-believable! These guys rock so hard it's scary. I also just want to say, that at age 66, Phil should truly be an inspiration to us all. His playing ability just gets better and better, his vitality, the fun and joy he is obviously having, it all is just wonderful to see.

Plus, Phil has really gotten back to the root of the Grateful Dead ethic, I think, in that it is all about the adventure. These guys are putting it all out there very show, and while it's true that sometimes, some monumental jams end up sort of sputtering out abruptly, that's all part of the risk and beauty in it.

I also give him props for letting the players in his band really shine and take leading roles. And I know alot of people don't like Joan Osborne, but you know what? She gets it, she does. And she is obviously, like everyone in Phil's band, digging the hell out of it. So glad I made it!

 #7157  by caspersvapors
 Sun Jul 09, 2006 7:27 pm
Ill take Joan over Donna Jean any day
 #7179  by st stephen
 Mon Jul 10, 2006 11:33 am
agree.....joan rocks...she can really belt out a great sugaree....

I just want to say thanks to all you guys here at rukind forum. I think this in a unique forum becasue it seems like we all play guitar or some instrument and understand the difficulty of playing shows and playing with diffrent people. I mean some days my voice does not sound as good as it did the day before or my chops are off a little bit. I feel like on other forums they are taking shots at musicuans or complaining about something and really pissing me off. But here we appreciate the music that was created.

Sometimes we live no particuliar way but out own.

I was on this tour and then stayed with my bro for a couple of days and forgot my guitar cant wait to get home and play tonight. Jonsen!!!!!