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Hey All,

So I'm looking for some opinions on learning the guitar. Some background...

For as long I I can remember, I have tinkered with the guitar. I would pick it up, get frustrated, and wouldn't touch my guitar again for years. Finally, in my early 40s I became determined to acquire some skills on guitar. I was making a decent amount of headway (cowboy chords, major scale...nothing crazy at all) but then I started focusing on playing the bass. I really enjoy playing bass but every once in a while I get the hankering to play the guitar (only Jerry brings that feeling out in me!).

As a teacher, I am anxiously awaiting summer and I'm think about dedicating my spare time to learning guitar. I have basically learned bass via DVDs and online tutorials. So, my question is it worth the expense in getting a teacher? On one hand, I feel like guitar is more complex than the bass and having a teacher from the beginning would help me to focus and be more efficient. On the other hand, I feel like I'm at such a elementary level, that I have plenty to work on before things get confusing. Or maybe, I'll just try to be the best darn bass player I can be! :)

Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Coming from a self taught guitar player who later also picked up the bass:

Yes lessons will be helpful, but as a teacher yourself I’m sure you appreciate the value of a good instructor, as well as the counter-productivity of a poor one. Find someone who can understand and relate to what your goals are. If it’s not any fun, find a different teacher.

Your knowledge of bass will also be helpful. Any time spent playing bass is good for your guitar playing, especially when you play with other musicians.

Also, guitar is only as complex as we make it. Keep it as simple as you can, which usually sounds the best. Combine simple ideas that you have mastered to build more complex ones. Again your bass knowledge will come in handy here. :rockon:
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Hi, Jimmy. I think it’s just a matter of personal preference. There are certainly some great videos out there on youtube, and a good teacher can be very helpful. It really depends on how you like to learn. A live teacher can provide feedback that you won’t get from a video. And some people need the pressure of having something practiced and ready for the next lesson. Others are more self motivators and do fine with video instruction. You can always try one method and see how it works for you, and then switch to the other down the road.

Bill, tgo.
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Pretty much anything anyone can teach you is available (probably for free) on-line. However, it can difficult to set and follow a particular path that would be most beneficial for you. Additionally, the discounts of the interaction you get with a teacher is not to be dismissed.

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First, can you find a good local teacher who can teach you what you want to learn and who teaches in a way that works for you?

This is a BIG hurdle in many places. If the answer is yes, you have something to think about. If the answer is no, you are wasting time and money and the only good option is self/Internet taught.

So, if you have a good instructor, and cost isn’t a problem, I would suggest using one for at least part of your learning path. A one on one instructor is a two way communication that you can't get from books and videos. Also, preparing for that next lesson you booked often helps motivate people to practice.

I would still suggest additional online self education. Spend and hour or two a day on what the instructor wants to teach, spend another hour working on something you want to learn (a Dead song?) and then also spend some time working on music theory. The theory is extra important for Dead and Jerry style playing as opposed to basic blues, rock or pop. You will want to get an understanding of modes and keys and which scales work over different chords. Finally, spend some time to just jam to music, a looper, or just solo. In other words, some just have fun time. If you can dedicate time to each one everyday, by the end of the summer, you will make a TON of progress.
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