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Hi folks,
My very close friend (hell calling him anything other than a brother at this point is an insult) has decided recently to start his guitar journey.

He was so excited for me when I started showing him the Wolf I was going to get, as well as the amp, etc... and I guess something clicked inside of him.

I have been giving him some advice/guidance to get him to a place where he can start. Sent him a nice tuner/metronome to get him going as well as some suggestions on strings, strap, picks, etc...

I am in no way going to be his teacher, he has a little brother that Is a year out from his Masters in Music. I am just trying to help him avoid mistakes I made in the past, and little tips here and there.

He has an older Ovation L.E. Patriot, that he’s going to use for starters. It been sitting in the closet for years I believe, so the other day I told him it “may “ need a truss rod adjustment. I wanted to look up the model number so I knew exactly what we were dealing with. But I’m having a hard time finding a site that lists Ovations and their specs based off the model number.

Any of you have any idea where to look? I’d appreciate any help!
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https://www.onemoreblog.org/2019/02/ova ... ls-colors/

says it was
"New top finishes introduced: Red, White, or Blue Patriot Bicentennial introduced. Limited run of 1776 guitars, fancy version of Custom Legend with drum-and-flag decal and “1776*1976” on lower treble bout."
Space above that says"
"1119 Custom Legend introduced" in 1974
So try searching on that.
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