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I don't get to play much JGB music. My Dead band does a couple of them but for the most part the Deadish stuff we play is GD. I got asked to do this show at a cool local music venue with kind of an all-star group of regional players. I played with my friends Jake and George (bass and drums) from the Roanoke based Dead band, The Dead Reckoning. A couple of killer keyboard players, Sid from Richmond and Paul from Roanoke (Paul is in The Dead Reckoning too). We also had vocalist Elise from Roanoke. The icing on the cake was a badass 3 piece horn section who are part of Floyd based band, Chupacabras. Here's a bunch of tunes:
This is a tune I've always wanted to play

Here's one with Elise on lead vocals


Here's a couple with 16 year-old guitar prodigy Isaac

This was the first time I played most of these tunes in public. Fun stuff!
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