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 #159157  by playingdead
A nice guy in the crowd filmed a few songs the other night at Showcase Live in Foxboro. Those close up shots of me singing make me cringe but what the heck ... this is Wharf Rat, something Playing Dead rarely plays and should probably play more, it's one of my favorites.

I just did a quickie mix on it and synced it up, we had a rather exuberant Head right up front, as you can tell :shock:
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 #159158  by lovetoboogie
Really sweet... Wharf Rat needs this rather efficient treatment where it doesn't sound sterile. The band is so perfectly restrained where they need to be. A great example of a band supporting the song...(if that makes sense).

Your vocals are great brother. Sounds very good on the home hi-fi setup...
 #159169  by Searing75
Vic. You sound great, but I think you would benefit greatly from proper vocal lessons.