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Over the last month I've been lucky to have gotten to play and see a nice variety of music. My Dead band, The Kind, is playing a bunch as is my bluegrass band, Crossties. I also had a visit from The Kind's old violin player, Keven who I haven't seen in like 15 years. We spent a couple of fun days playing some gypsy swing. Last night our good friends, The Electric Woodshed played their 30th anniversary show. We both started bands about the same time in the mid-80s. We played a lot of Dead, the played a lot of Allman Brothers. We have gigged together, borrowed players to fill in, hung out together for a long time. Wendy and I (she's the Kind's rhythm guitarist/vocalist sat in with them last night. It was a blast! I also went to Wrigley Field and saw an awesome Dead & Co. show and went to Nationals Park to see James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt. They killed it. JT's band is sick.

Here's a few clips from the last month (all these shot with my iPhone with varying quality level):

The Kind @ Sidewinders - we played a benefit for a friend and local musician who had to have open heart surgery. This place is normally a county bar but they were kind enough to let the hippies invade for a day.
Come Together/Uncle John's Band

I've been playing in Crossties for about 25 years. I love me some bluegrass music and I get to play with some really talented folks. Virginia Tech hosts this Friday night summer concert series that we play every year.
Head Over Heels:

Salt Creek:

It was great catching up with Keven, the Kind's old violinist. He's been playing gypsy jazz in Sarasota for the last 10 years or so. He's a badass fiddle player. I love gypsy jazz music and don't get to play it nearly enough. I'm kind of a hack at it but it's fun.
Pent Up House:

Limehouse Blues (apparently a song about an opium den from an old musical):

My wife and I like to sing together too, she's got an awesome voice. This is one from one of my favorite relatively unknown songwriters, Walter Hyatt. As the Crow Flies:

Here's a few from last nights Electric Woodshed 30th anniversary. I learned to play lead guitar from the Allman Brothers. I went to kind of a red-necky high school in Northern Virginia and I cut my teeth playing southern rock/country rock.
Blue Sky:

Southbound (the first guitar solo I ever learned how to play):

Only You Know and I Know (Dave Mason/Delany and Bonnie tune)"

It's been a fun month of music! :smile: :smile: :smile: