#166509  by nonpqlolzx
Hi folks,
I have my volume pedal been broken for 2 weeks. It's a real tragedy for me. I urgently need to buy a new one, but before i decided to discover your opinion on pedals. What pedal do you have? I found some info about pedals and i really like Dunlop DVP3 Volume (X), my previous pedal was Dunlop too. Maybe you'll advise me smth new
W8 for your feedback!
 #166513  by lbpesq
I use a good ol’ full size Ernie Ball. When I want to travel a little lighter, I use a Dunlop mini volume. I’ve tried numerous mini volume pedals and like the Dunlop the best.

Bill, tgo
 #166526  by kentuckykind
I have never used a volume pedal but was recently thinking of getting one to play around with. My question is, where do you put a volume pedal in your pedal chain? Is this something you put up front or do you prefer it at the end of your pedal chain?
 #166527  by lbpesq
It's really personal preference, there is no "right" or "wrong" answer. You should consider how it will interact with other pedals. When placed early in the chain, all the pedals following the volume pedal will see different signal levels as the volume pedal adjustment changes. For some types of pedals, this may be advantageous. Alternatively, you can place it at the end of the chain where it can function similarly to an OBEL. That's what I do. I leave my guitar's volume at "10" so my pedals always see the same signal. I've also heard of people placing the volume pedal in the effects loop. I've never tried this myself.

Bill, tgo
 #166554  by ChinaCatMatt
From what I’ve been given to understand putting the pedal in the effects loop of you am acts like an attenuator. The obel simulation method would be to put it at the end of the chain. Some say to put it in the middle after drives to allow you to really crank the gain and then just dial it back a bit before the next pedals.

So there are a lot of options so play with them all that’s the fun of this stuff. You get to have fun figuring out what works best for you. Might be you want one after the drives and then one at the end as well. Who knows til you give it a test.