#131286  by AlabamaDidn'tGetAway
 Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:22 am
Its 60s groovy anyway:) I dunno, most of its in the fingers anyhoo IMO. Some China Cat sounded pretty good to me this morning.
Its an Orange Micro Terror. Not sure who made this used closed back 1-12, but its solid and sounds good with the Celestion G12t-75 in it.
I scored some $3 fabric at hobby lobby for the new grill. Head $149 used cab $100. Pretty sweet little 26 lb rig.Image
 #131335  by AlabamaDidn'tGetAway
 Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:05 pm
I am amazed at the versatility of this little $149 amp. 20w of SS power is plenty enough. It can get stupid loud. The one preamp tube makes it play and respond like a good tube amp. The vol, gain, and tone controls are very interactive. Orange is known for high gain tones and this amp will certainly do that.
But I am surprised at the clean headroom it has, depending on what you plug into it.
I tried it with my Baggs M1A equiped acoustic, straight in, and suprisingly it sounds very good.
With my Bill Lawrence equipped tele, I get sweet cleans at just about any volume. The Lawrence rails are low output and very clean and transparent yet smooth pickups. Like vintage Fender single coils with no hum. Jerry tones abound with this guitar and amp, all you need is a small pedal board and your there. The head and 1-12 cab weighs 26 lbs.

If I plug in my Gretsch 5120, my old Carvin DC, or my Epi Explorer ( all with higher output pickups) the headroom reduces substantially and the heavier tones are right there. Still can get easily some decent clean to clean crunch tho. Perfect for harder rock.

In short, the thing is fantastic if you need a lightweight grab and go rig. Even for Dead stuff with the right pickups, a pedal or two and an efficient speaker.
 #137588  by Jack Straw
 Fri Mar 14, 2014 1:01 pm
Grateful Dad wrote: I agree 99% of tone comes from the human's heart and the hands playing the instrument. Good luck with it!
My thoughts EXACTLY!! I can pretty much get a descent Bobby or Jerry tone out of most any conventional amp & guitar. I find it a bit more difficult using modeling amps….I can't stand those. This is just my opinion, but I truly believe it has a lot to do with how you play as well. I'm a Bobby guy, but our "Jerry" guy in my old band had the full Garcia set up, which sounded great until he started screwing around with it. I could trim his twin in 2 minutes flat, but he'd then say, that's not where Jerry had his treble or midrange set! What he thought sounded good was way too loud and ear piercing. Drove me absolutely crazy!

NICE Orange & cab BTW Alabama! Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your post!
 #137590  by tatittle
 Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:03 pm
I was practicing with a band awhile back and one of the guys friend was there with one of these little Orange amps. I was only using a Princeton Rev. ("if its not loud enough your drummer is too loud" lol) but I was surprised how well it kept up. And this drummer was too loud. Ive read that double the wattage doesn't mean double loud at all...its like 10 times wattage = twice as loud. The more watts primarily reduce distortion and give clean headroom. Clean headroom is probably limited; basically the 1st 90% of good tone is easy to come by, its that final 10% that guys pay thousands of dollars for.