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I do apologize in advance if this is not the correct forum.

I've been interested in, possibly, getting myself a replica of Alligator. I'm not confident in my "building" skills to take on a DIY Alligator project.

So, I was looking to see who, besides Fender, make or take commissions for Alligator builds. And I'm not exactly sure where to start looking, or what price ranges could look like.

Therefore, I was wondering what others here on the site have done, where they've gone to get theirs, and how their experiences were.

 #174522  by lbpesq
Don’t count out building your own. Here’s some pics of one I built. It was a fun project. I’ve assembled all the parts for another and hope to get to it once the weather gets a little better (I spray the nitro outdoors). Basically, it’s like putting together a partscaster with a few twists. I did wind my own pickups, built my own Stratoblaster, and made the brass bridge.

Bill, tgo




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