#171907  by GratefulDadNJ
Curious to get opinions. If you were looking to buy either a Tiger or Wolf Replica (setting cost aside for this discussion), which one would you buy and why?

Potential things to consider....body shape, aesthetics, electronics.

Has anyone played both a Tiger and Wolf replicas?
 #171908  by Jon S.
I would go for a guitar with HHS or HHH with w/coil splitting but this is but my personal tonal preference. Everything else, to me, is important more cosmetically than functionally, though you can use the search function to find discussions of the pros and cons of a 'blaster versus a buffer.

And welcome. :musicsmile:
 #171909  by TI4-1009
I think it comes down to aesthetics. I was a Deadhead long before Jerry got Wolf, but I was always a Tiger guy. Never really warmed up to Wolf's body shape. When I built my Wolf "tribute", I did it on an SG platform.

In the universe of guitars, Wolf and Tiger are two peas from the same pod- Alembic-based, hippie sandwich, "exotic" hardwoods, Garcia/Gibson/Fender electronics. Wolf was a neck-through, Tiger was a "neck-through...hummm, nah that's not going to work...., too late to go back now...OK, set neck?". :lol:

You can do the electronics either way in either of them to suit your preferences.
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 #171911  by Jon S.
I sold my Wolf over the summer. My Tiger fits me far more ergonomically. But all this confirms is the ultimate uselessness of Internet advice when it comes specifically to personal guitar shape preferences. You really must try each for yourself!
 #171912  by lbpesq
Many years ago, I heard from a fairly reliable source that the shape of the bouts on Tiger was based on the shape of the thumb knuckle while lighting a cigarette lighter for the purpose of smoking ... ahem ... "something". Perhaps that has something to do with my preference for Wolf. I also LOVE Quilted Maple, though Cocobolo is pretty sweet, too. My custom Alembic Further has QM on top and Cocobolo on the back.

I once traded for an Alembic Tribute (based on Tiger). Also a wonderful guitar, but not for me. I wound up selling it.

Bill, tgo

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 #171919  by Chocol8
I really like a neck through guitar, but I wouldn’t want anything that looks too much like one of Garcia’s custom guitars. To better pay tribute to JG I say do what Jerry would do, make it YOUR custom guitar and not a copy of someone else's. Also, I never really liked the Tiger/Rosebud/Bolt sharp angled bat guitar look. I like guitars with smooth curves. But that’s me, you do you!
 #171937  by TI4-1009
Yeah, strange because I've NEVER been a pointy-guitar type of guy. Hate them. Except for SGs and Tiger. Don't like the Cripes, even Rosebud is marginal (and Rosebud is dang close to Tiger). But Tiger has always had such an aura with me that I freely give it a blind pass. Very strange....