#170519  by Jon S.
Indeed, it's beginning to sound like you should bring your guitar to an experienced pro tech for an overall review. Sometimes a bit more $$ spent up front = less total $$ spent in the end.

Where do you live (perhaps we can offer tech recommendations)?
 #170520  by zkinard
Straight edge tool I'm using is notched as sits on frets 2-21. I've been resting it in the center of the fretboard when making this measurement.

I live in York, PA
 #170526  by zkinard
TI4-1009 wrote: Tue Mar 30, 2021 8:28 am So you're saying that if the straight edge is sitting on the first fret and the last fret, there is a gap under the first fret (or three)??? So the headstock end of the straightedge rests on the fourth fret? Yeah, that's not good (and explains the buzzing down low). You should only have a gap up around frets 5-10 (ish). Yeah, I'd start adding some relief and see what happens, but I don't like the sound of a backbow up that high on the neck (assuming the straightedge is lying flat on frets 4-12+).

So basically, time to reinvest in the right straight edge tool?
 #170532  by TI4-1009
Rats, I used to live in Elizabethtown!

Usually the straightedge has "a straight edge". :lol: If it's lying on the fretboard and not the frets it doesn't take into account fret height (which is what the string "sees".) If you don't have a real straightedge try the string method mentioned above- and putting a capo at the first fret makes it easier (you need one less hand).
 #170533  by strumminsix
Jumping in late. But when you think of a neck, you need to think all parts:
- neck is proper with frets, spacing, distance, lengths, crowns/heights, etc
- nut height and slots and angle
- proper neck angle
- proper bridge heights
- then intonation
(Fret buzz should be good if all those are good.)

That's the science! Now you need the art which talks playability and those are all the minor tweaks that come with years of experience. And what you do when situations present. Player technique. Action. Etc. Talk to a good tech about how he setups up differently by player. If they only have 1 goto, which too many do, walk.