#167323  by Diggey
 Thu May 07, 2020 4:47 pm
Did anyone out there buy the Eastwood Wolf? If so, did you have any wiring issues or problems with the OBEL? Mine is not working. I plugged in both inputs and have the right plugs in the right place and I can very faintly hear a signal when I turn the OBEL on. Like the guitar is sending a super super faint signal. If I flip it off the signal is super strong with no issues. It's not the cables or the box. When I take the back plate off the jack isn't making any noise when I touch it. Like there is no signal. I'm so frustrated. Thanks in advance.
 #167325  by tdcrjeff
 Thu May 07, 2020 5:05 pm
I do recall hearing some wiring issues reported on the Eastwood guitar, but maybe it was on the now-gone Waldo board.
 #167327  by Jon S.
 Thu May 07, 2020 5:45 pm
Pardon if this was already obvious to you but in case not:

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 #167330  by Funky145
 Fri May 08, 2020 3:00 am
I had to reverse the OBEL wiring in my Eastwood Wolf in order for it to work with my HubBub. I found it easier to flip the leads at the switch.
 #167331  by joshq
 Fri May 08, 2020 5:59 am
Sounds like reversed wiring, happened to me once with a differently branded, affordable tribute.