#67941  by enardi
 Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:52 pm
Was anyone else familiar that jerry was immensly involved their album surrealistic pillow? I just listened to a new interview from the sixties where jerry is interviewed about the album on youtube. In it he states he played the high pitch guitar lines on today, came up with the arrangement of somebody to love, and played on a bunch of other tracks on that album. Just curious to see if others were aware.
 #67942  by GratefulPat
 Tue Oct 27, 2009 10:05 pm
ya ive seen that same interview, jerrys collaborated and helped out with so many bands
 #67946  by NashvilleMike
 Wed Oct 28, 2009 5:54 am
 #67954  by Highballin'
 Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:22 am
Garcia and Other Dead members are also on Sunfighter, and The Ballad of The Chrome Plated Nun.
Both Canter/Slick....Jefferson Hybrid albums. Two great albums as well. If you like Frisco Freak Rock.
 #67955  by Pete B.
 Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:34 am
There is a good passage on the "Someone To Love" (or was it White Rabbit?) topic in the Rock Scully book.
Basically, that Jerrys arrangement is what made that song a hit (to this day... I love listening to those songs!).
 #67957  by Highballin'
 Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:51 am
The JA has always fascinated me. At their peak, 67-69 they were the Top Grossing, most ass-kicking band around. They took, and crushed all comers.
For those of you aficionados, you know that their music is practically second to none. I mean the musicianship, the players, the songcraft, the instrumentation is High Quality.
Their live performances were nothing short of sensory Armageddon.
And yet now? Only a memory. There anti-establishment slant may have had something to do with them being relegated into a narrow genre of "past psychedelic offerings".
Certainly they were also self-destructive. But man, where is their recognition today? Too advanced for mainstream America. Too crazy for mainstream America. Not saleable "Ted Nugent" crazy,
No, they were The underside of psychedelic America Crazy. The voice of all the Freaks. :peas:
 #67967  by ELPManticore
 Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:42 pm
IIRC, both of the pictures with the hieroglyphics/Egypt art were taken at the Matrix, which Marty Balin owned or at least started up. Also, IIRC, Jerry was highly influential in getting the Airplanes chops developed, the Airplane thanked him in return by getting the Dead a recording contract. Not too sure about this as both albums were released at the about the same time, but Pillow recorded in late '66 and GD in Jan 67; JA was on RCA and the Dead on WB, and while the Airplane had an album out before Pillow it wasn't really great and they didn't become well known.

Technically, JG was credited on the album as a technical (or musical) and spiritual mentor - something to that effect.

I was an Airplane head long before I was a deadhead. Remember finding/listening to some of their LP's while going through my dad's collection on a snow day in like, 8th grade. He had the blows LP, which had some crazy gatefold artwork, and a 15 page pamphlet or so detailing the plans to hijack the starship. Pretty much decided at that point that the pop records I was listening to were crap and that there was a lot more substantial stuff out there. Haven't looked back since.
 #67968  by jackr
 Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:46 pm
Yorma is one of the best ever no doubt.

I remember however, some years after airplane and after tuna I saw him in the smallest of dive bars in North Jersey. And it was not crowded. I thought to myself "how can there only be 20 people here? Doesnt anyone realize its YORMA?"

Now he does a guitar camp that I would love to attend. I have heard some great things about it.
 #67971  by Tennessee Jedi
 Wed Oct 28, 2009 12:55 pm
willmusic wrote:
Tennessee Jedi wrote:Image
Jerry stage left ?

That's Jorma on stage left.
Yeah i guess so ...
The captions i found with the pic were unclear about the pic ...
Certainly looks like a shirt Jerry would wear ....
 #67974  by ELPManticore
 Wed Oct 28, 2009 1:08 pm
Jackr - again, IIRC, (fighting some kind of devil cold over here, can't think right, not that I can to begin with, but things are rough), someone on this board has gone to the camp. Either way, if it was not here then it was somewhere else I was talking to someone about it. They had nothing but good things to say, I'm sure its a great time and a lot to take in.

TJ - I agree, may have even seen pics of Jerry wearing this shirt. Given that it was the late 60's and that he wasn't that rotund yet, he and Jorma may have been sharing clothes. Far fetched but I think it should be considered....