#3001  by jck_strw
 Thu Jan 19, 2006 10:55 am
I work as a sysadmin for a large university. The past couple of weeks/months, I've had a rough go of it, trying to get some new hardware/software to play nice with the other boys. University work atmosphere is almost diametrically opposed to the corporate work atmosphere. Nevertheless I've had to spend my fair share of 18/20+ hour days recently trying to get all this crap to work.

Suffice to say I was more than pleasantly surprised when a few of my co-workers stopped by my cube-hole and presented me with a large bottle of Captain Morgan's Private Stock a few momments ago. Very, very cool! The Capt. will be in charge of the ship this weekend!

PS--for those of you who work and interact with sysadmins on a ir/regular basis and wish to thank them, alcohol is the best gift. Forget the stereotypical, pizza/Star Trek/Hobbit ears geek gifts. Alcohol (and it's illegel, step-cousin, wink wink) are the best ways to go. :)