#105314  by Adam Deckard
 Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:33 pm
I am really getting a kick out of reading the personal accounts of those who have run into band members over the years (from Vic's "met bobby the other night" thread). How about we start a dedicated thread for this? Anyone else have stories like this they would like to share? I for one would love to hear them.

If you would like to hear these too, give this thread a bump!


 #135482  by mgbills
 Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:06 am
Not a band member exactly.

I hung out with Dan Healy for about an hour a couple of years back. Strange circumstance. He was running the FOH for DSO. My wife and I are pals with the former BOH soundboard guy, so we had a lot of access. One night after the 1st night of a 2 night run at the Crystal Ballroom (Portland, OR), we ended up in the tour bus. I think it was Rob Eatons Birthday. Of course the band was just getting off of work, and we were totally wiped out having started work at 6:00 am. We didn't stay as long as we could have.

This was before I'd read anything on this board, which I regret. It was a missed opportunity to pick his brain.

I mostly sat & listened to the strangest tale of he & Lisa Mackey having a blast on a shooting range somewhere between Eugene & Portland. I think they were blasting high powered sidearms. Dan was enjoying a "robust" coctail (GIN & juice I believe) in a pint glass. No judgement, just observation. It got wierd when he went into detail of how much each of the members of the Dead enjoyed guns, shooting, automatic weapons, etc. Then another chap got on the bus claiming to have his M-16 from his tours in Iraq/Afganistan. He was carrying it in his hands. (Things getting weirder.) Being an ex-infantry guy (needed to escape Upstate NY before it killed me & needed college money), I notice immediately that this was not an M-16, but rather an AR-15. After listening to what appeared to be a fabricated tale of heroics, my wife & I took our leave. When I was in the military there were standards for one's hair. This guy had 6-8 weeks of fuzzy neck/back, and sideburns that wouldn't meet that spec.

That's as close as I ever got. Other than a bunch of front rows in '83.
 #135492  by Tbrogit
 Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:52 pm
I was a guitar tech back in the day when I got a call from a friend to come out to Nissan pavillion in Virginia to fix a guitar for one of the players in the "The Other Ones". This was one of the first incarnations after Jerry died. I called my wife and we headed out. Got back stage passes and headed back to meet the tour manager. He introduced me to Mark Karan who had a bad volume pot on a 335. I met Jorma and talked with him a bunch, Bobby and few others but what really stood out was that after I fixed the guitar I handed it too Steve Parrish, Who brought it out to Mark. The band had already started playing while I finished up so My wife went out and hung back stage. After I was done the tour manager asked me how much I wanted for the repair. I said seriously just let me hang onstage and watch was enough for me.He led me out and I stood by Steve and my Wife the whole night. I was like ten feet away from Mickey and could not even believe what was happening. Steve was definitely a bit stand offish at first but had a huge cooler of Heinekens and good smoke and its was definitely a privilege to hang with these incredible people all night. Too stand back stage and look out onto that sea of fans and watch some of your favorite players in the world is something that will be hard to replicate and a memory I will always treasure.
 #135507  by Poor Peter
 Fri Jan 10, 2014 8:48 am
Deercreek 7-15-89. I got on the bus in 1984. I took until 1989 to convince my then girlfriend (now my wife) to come to a show.. She was unwilling to camp with a bunch of dudes. Who could blame her. So one of my touring buds convinced his girlfriend to come along also, and we rented a room at the nearby Radisson. I should mention that I caught a lot of crap from the rest of the group that I usually toured with for staying in a hotel, but I really wanted her to come along. Anyway, we were sitting in our room doing what we normally do before shows :lol: (something she was unwilling to partake in) when she started whispering in my ear that she wanted to go to the pool. I tried to convince her to just chill out, that we would leave shortly and head over to the venue. She persisted and eventually I told her fine, "find out where the pool is and we'll go". I was a little upset with her, but I know she was uncomfortable so I went along. She called the front desk, dudes says the pool is on the fourth floor. We get on the elevator, get off at the fourth floor, no pool. We head back to the elevator, I push the button, we begin to wait. While we are standing there I try to have a civil conversation with her, explaining "this is what we do. Please try to relax and enjoy yourself instead of being a pain in the ass." Several minutes has now passed, the conversation has ended, and we both become aware that the elevator has still not come down to us. "Screw it lets take the stairs I tell her." We begin to walk away when the bell for the elevator rings so we walk back and stand in front of the door waiting for it to open. It opens, and leaning against the back wall, staring at me over the top of his glasses was the man himself. Needless to say I was completely floored. I didn't know what to say or do (I was really high) so I just reached out and shook his hand and thanked him for all the wonderful times he provided me. When I shook his hand I could feel the stump of his finger press against my palm and chills ran up my back. My wife, realizing how tongue tied I was, started talking to him, explaining how this was her first show, and how I had been trying to convince her to come along for several years, ect. ect. The elevator landed on the first floor, we walked out together, I wished him a "good show" and he told my wife to enjoy herself and he walked off out the front door. She punched me in the arm in an attempt to wake me from the trance I was in and said, "go get his autograph." No, I can't do that I told her. That would be cheesey. It's Jerry, he doesn't want to be bothered with that. She persisted and I said ok, what the hell, even though a couple of minutes had passed and I was sure he would be gone by now. The hotel clerk at the desk had watched in awe as he walked by and when I asked her for a pen and something to write on, she quickly scrounged one up and I ran out the door. He was still there sitting on a bench in front of the hotel waving at a small child that was walking by. I sheepishly approached him and asked him if he would mind signing my piece of paper. He looked at me and grinned and said sure. He took the paper and very neatly wrote HOWDY, Jerry Garcia. I thanked him again, shook his hand one more time and someone in the background yelled "Hey Jer, it's time to go." He climbed into a hotel type shuttle bus and was off. Needless to say I am walking on air right now and we head back to the elevator and jump in. Im holding this auto in my hand and we are giggling back and forth still amazed at what had just happened. Someone was already in the elevator who I later come to find out is "Sparky" and he tells me, " Jerry must've got a good vibe from you cause he usually doesn't sign autographs" I told him I think Jerry probably realized that I would have probably needed some type of counseling if he had declined. Anyway the boys played a great show that day, a Peggy-O in the first set that ironically was one of my wifes favorite tunes added to the experience. Then on to Alpine Valley, and we all know what happened there.
 #135526  by WildEye
 Fri Jan 10, 2014 8:16 pm
My story is lame but I thought I'd post it anyway because of the kismet.

I was shooting a 3d show for direct TV and MLB going to different stadiums across the country. When we hit SF it was on Jerry week and I found out that Phil, Mickey, Bobby, Mountain Girl, Bill, Trixie ect. were going to sing the anthem. After I shot it we were funneled into the gateway I was walking next to Bob. I said nice job and he gave me a fist bump. I loved it! I know there are much better stories out there but when I woke up in whatever motel room that morning I had no idea that would happen. The whole day was a surprise. And I even got a shout out on the final cut as "our camera man is having an awesome time". Not a great one but it's mine...
 #135614  by flyingheelhook
 Tue Jan 14, 2014 8:36 am
This probably doesn't really count towards what you were asking as I never met any of the GD, but...

I grew up a few miles from Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD. There was a period of time when all of the acts would stay at a hotel nearby - I think it was the Crosskeys Inn or something like that. Anyhoo, it was common knowledge with those of us who loved music so we would often go there before or after shows to score autographs. Assorted cast of characters I met this way included: Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Justin Hayward (Moody Blues), Jon Anderson/Chris Squire/Alan White/Trevor Rabin (Yes - 90125 tour) - the Yes guys I got to sign my jean jacket which I had painted a copy of one of Roger Dean's scenes from Yessongs.

I met Steve Howe (Yes) twice on his solo tours, and got his autograph. I can't remember when I got Bill Bruford's autograph (with King Crimson I think but I don't have the other members), but I remember Steve recognized it when signing my jacket - he said "Oh, look, there's Billy!" LOL! Now, if I could only track down Rick Wakeman... :roll:

For whatever reasons, the three runs the GD did at Merriweather, I could never make it to the hotel so I missed the opportunity to gmeet the boys, but my friend opened the door for Bob Weir before one of the shows. Closest I got I guess.
 #135623  by tcsned
 Tue Jan 14, 2014 10:48 am
flyingheelhook - I was at that Yes show at Merriweather, and saw Asia there ( :oops: ), King Crimson, GD, and a buhzillion others. My favorite concert venue.

I saw Bobby and the Midnights at the Bayou in Georgetown and I was in the beginning of the line as it wrapped around the corner. Bobby got out of a taxi (I think) right at the corner and talked to us for a minute. I played a couple of gigs with Robin Sylvester from Rat Dog, who is as nice of a guy as you'd want to meet. He hooked us up with passes to a Rat Dog show in Baltimore. Backstage, we talked for a long time with Robin, Mark Karan, and Jeff Chementi. They were all super cool. A couple of girls were up in Bobby's grill and he had a "please save me" look on his face. Dennis McNally walk up to my partner at the time and talked to us for a while. He was also a really sweet guy. Never talked to Bobby who was cornered by those two girls the whole time.

I talked to Phil for a few seconds backstage at Merriweather and said hi to Jerry outside Constitution Hall.
 #135624  by flyingheelhook
 Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:16 am
Asia is proof that the whole is never necessarily the sum of all the parts. It sounds like we may have bumped elbows here in there over the years! Ever go to Painters Mill Star Theatre? It used to be in Owings Mill right outside Bmore - I believe I saw Asia there on their first tour, and thats the only place I remember seeing Bobby and the Midnites although if memory serves, I saw them at two other venues that I don't recollect... 8) Also saw Johnny Winter open for Ten Years After there. Nice small venue, shame its gone.
 #135648  by tcsned
 Tue Jan 14, 2014 9:23 pm
flyingheelhook wrote:Asia is proof that the whole is never necessarily the sum of all the parts. It sounds like we may have bumped elbows here in there over the years! Ever go to Painters Mill Star Theatre? It used to be in Owings Mill right outside Bmore - I believe I saw Asia there on their first tour, and thats the only place I remember seeing Bobby and the Midnites although if memory serves, I saw them at two other venues that I don't recollect... 8) Also saw Johnny Winter open for Ten Years After there. Nice small venue, shame its gone.
I'm sure we crossed paths at MPP more than once. I didn't make to many of the clubs in B'more (probably more than 100 Orioles games though), I was a NOVA kid and went to the Wax Museum, Birchmere, Bayou, Crap Centre, 9:30 back in its punk days. Small world :-)
 #135793  by jack-A-roe
 Wed Jan 15, 2014 3:27 pm
about a year ago, it was sunday morning and my wife and i walked down to the grocery store around the corner from our apartment. it is one of those fancy joints, with a nice quiet patio on the side for sipping coffee and munching on donuts in the morning. we grabbed two cups of coffee and a donut and went to grab a seat outside. an onslaught of strange, spandex clad cyclists had taken up the majority of seats in the front, so we went to the side of the store to try and grab a spot at one of the out of the way tables along a side street. we turned the corner and the first table was occupied by none other than phil. i was a little surprised and i said hello. he was friendly enough. he noticed my furthur t-shirt from his 70th birthday concert that i happen to be wearing and said nice shirt. by this time he knew that i recognized him and was a little shocked. i told him it was a great party and tried to make a joke about feeling bad that i didn't bring a present.

i told him thanks for all the music and that i was a huge fan of the music. he seemed gracious and really nice. i kept things very short and told him to enjoy his morning and thanks again and proceeded to sit with my wife about 15ft away at another table, constantly fighting to urge to look behind me to see if phil was still there. he eventually took off a little while later and we finished our donuts and coffee and I left with a big grin on my face. very cool morning. phil seemed like a nice guy, not bothered by my hello and not rushing to get away from a fan by any means. really really cool morning and dumb luck that I happen to wear that particular turtle covered, purple tie-dyed tshirt. :cool: