#175532  by pevsfreedom
I see in a lot of Jerry playing people say he will be "third hunting" or targeting the thirds. I was just wondering of some examples of how to practice/utilize this? I'm at a point where I know maj/min/7 arpeggios up and down the neck - I'm still kinda trying to get used to playing them in improv. I've gotten pretty good at the normal chord tone playing, I think, but I'm not confident to say I'm hitting a 3rd or 5th I guess, but at least the root note of the chord being played.

I imagine what people mean by this is just have a chord progression and for practice to literally aim for the 3rd or 5th or whatever when the chord changes for kind of a different flavor? Curious if anyone has practical advice on learning this kind of playing?
 #175534  by Chocol8
It means often hitting those notes or emphasizing them. It can be that first note of the measure, the last, hitting it several times in the middle, using it as a pivot point or an anchor to keep coming back to, lingering on it longer etc.