#27144  by amyjared
I have had a subscription to the guitar mags that have tab since the late '80's when I discovered how to read it and it has helped me as a guitar player in so many ways. It was the reason I found this site! Anyhow, I was at guitar world's forum the other day, which I rarely visit anymore because it's a bunch of 14 year old folks and this old fogey just doesn't fit in, plus it's silly arguments and not very relevant at all. I'm looking at the request page for them to tab and the list reads like this:

All that remains
megadeth -symphony of destruction
Shadows Fall - redemption
Scorpions -Lovedrive
Grateful dead - Easy Wind
Grateful Dead - Franklin's Tower
Mastadon - cut you up w/a linoleum knife
Judas Priest - Victim of changes

Etc. I thought it was pretty funny to see the boys sandwiched in with such odd company. Gives me some hope for the future.
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 #27145  by Tennessee Jedi
Heard GuitarPlayer has vids in Jerrys style.Have you checked them out?Its always the same w/ the mags-Truckin' or Friend of the Devil.Not too often do they get into any meat and potatoes.Last year GP did some cool Jerry stuff like Slipknot.Heard there were vids.The kids dont like melody anymore.Its all about being heavy and screaming.Or dance moves.Mostly.

 #27233  by revned_04
thats pretty funny, but i really dont like any of those magazines for that exact reason.

 #27249  by JackORoses
yea these magazines kill me always werid ass heavy metal bands and beating off over shred players, every issue seems to be about the same also, ocassionally you find a good acoustic or jazz related article but not too often

 #27274  by Django
There's some cross-over there. I dig Jerry's version of'Cut you up w/a/linoleum knife'!

 #27294  by Hajimemashite!!!
guitar player is the best guitar mag ive found. one of the staffers is jude gold, who loves jerry and constantly puts a good word for him in the mag. he also played in the post jerry jgb with merl (even though it was pretty bland)

guitar world is the worst. they had an article with trivia for all the genres of music, which, according to them includes

classic rock
underground/extreme metal
80's rock

what the hell?
they have 4 different genres for metal, yet no jazz or bluegrass/country or anything.

 #27297  by JackORoses
i have that guitar world awful

 #27306  by JackORoses
agreed, i just moved into a town for college and the only guy I found to play with always just trys to go crazy and shred when we play together it gets really really annoying especially when trying to play dead tunes

 #27391  by amyjared
Saw another one last night: My name is earl, and they're playing Ripple because Earl is trying to write..."If my words did glow..."
 #166844  by TI4-1009
Bertha tease going to a commercial break on the Super Bowl last night. :cool:
 #166847  by TI4-1009
Closet Deadhead working on Fox Sports? San Francisco connection? Word is Weir was at the game too.
 #172997  by FromWichita
Some years ago, WBZ Channel 4 in Boston's morning news. It was raining. They play a "soundbed" just before going to commercial and it was from the outro of "Cold Rain and Snow" from the Steal Your Face live release.
 #175246  by TI4-1009
Double dip last Wednesday:

Bill Walton was doing color commentary at the Maui tournament. When he and the play-by-play guy almost got run over by a player chasing a loose ball Walton said "Whoa! We better wake up- to find out that we are the eyes of the world."

Latter on Colbert as Peter Dinklage came out the band player the Fire on the Mountain riff.
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