#174219  by lbpesq
The 65th Grammy award show last Sunday featured lots of current artists I've never heard of, lots of what I refer to as "rhythmic poetry" that many others call "music" for some unfathomable reason, a scary list of almost contemporaries who died last year, lots of weird dresses covering as little as possible, and Bonnie Raitt winning. However, it did not include all the Grammies awarded. I learned today that the Good Ole Grateful Dead won a Grammy this year! They won "Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package" for the CD box set IN AND OUT OF THE GARDEN: MADISON SQUARE GARDEN ’81 ’82 ’83!

The Grateful Dead winning a Grammy in 2023? Whooda thunk it! CONGRATS!

Bill, tgo
 #174221  by AaronW
A couple of friends won a grammy a number of years ago for the music they scored for a documentary. They got to go to the Grammy's, but their award was before the show even started. No big thing like they show on tv, just a "hey you won this category, go over there and claim your trophy". They did get to have some photos taken at the show in front of a Grammy's backdrop. Still pretty cool that they won. They were telling me after that there are a ton of awards that get no mention on tv, it was the first I had heard of that too.