#173981  by Ross66
I would like to get a Strat Jerified if anyone is doing this please let me know? Thank you!

 #174083  by bzbz
I have had it done (by the late Jason Ferguson)

I had the jackplate changed, OBEL added, always "on" blaster added (very small gain), brass nut and brass hardtail bridge put on

Originally, he put on SDS-1 pickups, but I found them too hot, too dark, and too dirty with the blaster - so I put on 57-62 vintage reissue pickups

Works great!

battery is in back, the cat sticker is just a sticker - and each pickup has a toggle for "on" and "off" - which is cool, but eventually, I think I will have the 5-way selector put back on, its easier to change pickups on the fly....