#167738  by lbpesq
Born 78 years ago, today. What can I say? Without Jerry, none of us would be hanging around here.

There is a big smile in the sky today.

Happy Birthday Mr. Garcia.

Bill, tgo
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 #167742  by augustwest1
lbpesq wrote:Without Jerry, none of us would be hanging around here.

Yep. Many of us would, almost by definition, be very different people than who we are today without Jerry. I can't even really imagine who I would have turned out to be in the absence of so many formative experiences, interests, and relationships, that can all be traced so easily and directly to Jerry.
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 #167743  by HeadSpace
Fondly remembering Jerry. The real mindblower is that I'm now older than he was when he passed, if only by a few months...Makes me think.
 #167745  by TI4-1009
"Look Ma- 10 fingers!"
 #167788  by TI4-1009
I've been working out in the barn restoring my old '68 Porsche for the last few months. All I have is a cassette player out there, so I took a bag of old tapes out and started working my way through them. About a week ago I got to the JG Acoustic Band tape and I've been flipping it over and over and over since then. What great music.