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 #82541  by USBLUES
 Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:56 am
Awesome show, really killer. Much better than the 08 tour at NAssau Collosium, which was fun as well, but this venue with this line up was just a speacial night!!!! All that being said i am still amazed at all the hard-core people that are following the Dead. And by following i don't mean a couple of dudes from Suburbia jumping in a van for a few shows, I mean the hoards of dusty dreadlocked veggy burrito pushing heads that we all love to hang and be around with these shows, ...god bless them, but how do they get by all year long. It all can't be Furthur shows. I have a few questions: 1. ARe they just on the festival circuit and hit the Furthur shows when avaialble then go back to hoping from jam festival to jam festival? 2. When people say i got on the bus in 81 and haven't gottne off, does that mean they haven't left hte parking lot in 20+ years???? 3. Where do they go when the music stops? I love the hardcore heads, except for one bad interexchange on the balloon line, they were 3 for 20$ so I asked how much for 4 cuase thats how many guys we had, the math was way to much for this guy to wrap around his skeliton looking head around, I wanted to smack a vegiie burrito in this guys face after he told me "welcome to Brooklyn this an't Waldbaums 3 for 20 or get out!!!!", I wanted to say welcome to earth we have showers here now handover the gas A-hole. Anywho i didn't say anything and just paid for 6.....went on my merry way one of the greatest nigths of my life, can't wait and hope to see another show soon...
 #82574  by mttourpro
 Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:24 pm
[quote="USBLUES"] I love the hardcore heads, except for one bad interexchange on the balloon line, quote]

That's because they ARE NOT "hardcore heads" (whatever that's supposed to mean). ... -ilcc.html ... r/10544295

They are some of the lowest form of scum to infect what used to be a very cool scene. They (and you when you buy that shit) F'd-up most of the GD's best venues and are to this day still trying to make money with no respect for the music whatsoever. They've been doing this crap since 1988 and are responsible for deaths.

Read a few stories and you'll see what I'm talking about.
 #82575  by tcsned
 Tue Jun 29, 2010 4:12 pm
Yeah, it's one thing to sell t-shirts or whatever to make money to get to the next show (and actually go to the show) it's another to follow a scene to exploit it for money and have nothing to do with the music. A party is one thing. I'm all for that even one that gets a little out of control but some of these folks are bottom feeders that don't give a crap who gets hurt as long as they walk out with a pocket full of cash. I used really like hanging out in the lot before a show playing guitar, partying, wandering around out but by the end of my Dead tour days in '93 (when the music was no longer worth it to me) I would go straight from my hotel to the show and back to the hotel after the show to hang with a small group of friends. When those fucktard leeches figured out that they could cash in on the scene it really turned sour - I guess it started getting bad in '87. Sorry for the rant . . .
 #82580  by hotasaPistol
 Tue Jun 29, 2010 8:10 pm
Fuck those scumbags....I have been on the bus since '74....mainly seen all my shows in California but those are the people who piss in peoples yards, ruined the scene for everyone who was there for all the right is a free country and that had a lot to do with the creation of the whole concert lot scene that we all came to participate and love...those fuckers ruined the the last year I have had 2 encounters with those jerks in the parking lot....Albany my first New York show....had a couple of extras to sell ...roamed the lot trying to sell them...took a beating on the price...had one of those dirtbags get pissed and put his hands on my brother in law when we wouldn't miracle the dude and his old lady...I had to pull my brother in law who is a black belt and a lot bigger than me off of the fucker....almost kicked his ass and then just went Portland this year some guy liked my patchwork pants because they had pockets on the legs....and was showing them to girlfriend...stuck his hand INSIDE my pants pockets...I whispered in his ear to take his hands off of me and get the fuck away......"wait a minute Chester you know I'm a peaceful man"......he did it again about 20 seconds later and was mad at me when I went berserk on him....My buddy pulled me off him ...I had him on the ground and was proceeding to fuck him up...his girlfriend came and pulled him away from me and was cussing him out for messing with me...we went right inside to disappear and not get hasseled by the cops.......I was freaking out of my mind...putting your hands on me is like trying to fuck with my kids...I only know one way to go and that is extreme pain for you.....
Those people may be part of the scene but they are a big reason for all the negative connotations of being a dead head....why do you think that Further show got cancelled on this tour.....if you support what they do you are also part of the problem...not every one in the lot is like that but.....I know that MOST of the people at shows are good and decent but perception and reality can really get confused by a few bad actors....
sorry for my rant just hit a sore spot.....I'll be in the lot at Santa Barbara and the Greek in LA...I'll just be a lot more picky who I spend money with

Pistol.......... :mad:
 #82585  by JonnyBoy
 Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:04 am
HotAsAPistol you live up to your name These people do not have boundries, they see no farther than 5 feet in font of them. Everything is about them, and what you can do for them. That behavior is common in all tribes in American culture. Motives are clearer than day with these people. That element has always been around, self centered people that. Like they say the South, " They don't have no Raisin' " . As the scene exploded, more of them were around to be noticed, along with the Touch Head wannabe's that added the extra thousands of people to get things out of hand only looking to get Fkdup and party. But like some of the hard core guys were evil too, conversely some of the weekend warriors were considerate and respectful of the scene and to others. There's always a bunch of assholes in every group. Dead head ninja, Ha! that dude probably shit is pants. I couldn't imagine going into anyone's pockets even if they were dear friends, that's just way too far.... Those guys have some real boundry issues. If he did that to a hells angel in the 70's he may have been killed, at least whooped.
 #82614  by USBLUES
 Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:30 am
Yeah its a shame but now that I have had these couple of run-ins I'm much more warey.....And I want to make soemthing very very clear i do not support those dirtbags in anyway, I go to these shows for the music, the great music, I'm just a regular guy that can get swept up on Shakedown Street, and by hardcore I did not mean hardcore deads head music lovers i meant hardcore losers, in the future i am going to not give the benefit of the doubt to those dudes. It's comforting to know others see this as well. Some of those dudes are just empty vacant heads, their eyes are evil, and they could care less what the boys play......still love the parking lot scene becuase no matter what it was or should be there is nothing like it,
 #82624  by jeffm725
 Wed Jun 30, 2010 10:51 am
This is like a thread you would find on PhantasyTour :-?
 #82646  by JonnyBoy
 Wed Jun 30, 2010 7:32 pm
Don't worry about using some NO2, moderate usage is not what the dead is worried about. I have seen vids of the dead partying with a tank themselves back stage. They just didn't want the heat for it when a 14 year old falls out on the lot, they never thought anyone should be able to tell anyone what to do anyway. You are free to buy and do what you like in their opinion. When the Dead condemned its sale, it was more for show and liability, they have said the same about alcohol, drugs and certain other behaviors I am sure they cold care less if you do or don't do on your own time, but they want the public to know they don't support ANYTHING nor care about anything either on the flip side of that. But when your at their concerts don't ruin it for everyone because that could happen and that's not cool . Who hasn't toked a balloon? come on... But some of those guys I remember would let kids breathe that stuff for hours on end, when they have no idea if it could kill him or not. That's just stupid, irresponsible and putting everything at risk for all of us then. It brought the heat down on the lot too, busting those moderately partying and making no fuss. That rubbed a lot of people on tour the wrong way since some/most of these guys were not on tour.
 #82698  by ugly rumor
 Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:40 pm
Precisely why I quit the "scene" and turned my back on the scenesters. I loved the music, but when the family feel left, it just wasn't the same anymore. It used to be so open, nonjudgemental, and free feeling. Then people started judging by length of hair, what you drove, how you were dressed, and a lot of the love kind of left. I remember buying a tab once at a North Carolina show, and then feeling very paranoid that I was being set up. Since the paranoia came honestly (not induced) I reneged on the deal and left the parking lot. The old trust and comaraderie was gone. So I, too, became more circumspect around the lot. A shame that what was so good got lost, that we had to carry that edge. I was at the Charlotte show in 2009, and was appalled at the trash left in mounds everywhere. The car next to us pulls up, young multiply-pierced fully-armed (I can assume;the holster, no kidding, was empty!) people pile out, and as I drink my beer surreptitiously, the girl asks if it's ok for her to piss between the cars, like I want to smell it, and the porta-john is twenty feet away.
 #82700  by tigerstrat
 Thu Jul 01, 2010 2:56 pm
Cyanide! 3 for 20! Ice cold veggie cyanide...