Talk about the recent Tours
 #60770  by Guardian
 Wed May 13, 2009 7:28 pm
strumminsix wrote: I hate that Bobby does that and he's doing it more and more. Almost making me dislike Ratdog. But if he wants to do it there fine - just please stop doing it with the Dead!

However I disagree that Phil sings better than Bob
Well, my impression is that Bob's voice is weaker than it has been and that style allows him to sing less really. Unfortunate. But I hope he stops someday. I actually like his timbre of his voice these days, if he'd just go back to a better balance including his more traditional phrasing.

OK, maybe Phil doesn't sing better than Bob, but he may be catching up. ;) After Phil had a long lapse of no singing we used to see shirts that read, "Let Phil Sing". Then he started to sing and at times it was painful. But now he can hold his part, his phrasing is decent. Let's face it, there aren't many original voices left, so when he sings now he contributes to the Grateful Dead feel.

Now if we could just get Warren to do some low note noodling and get some other rounder guitar sounds...