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 #169280  by kenhuntak
I don't know what 2021 has inshore for concerts, seeing how things are going I don't see anyone playing a big show until 2021? I would love to see them in Mexico for a bomb ass vacation. How would I go about getting info about one of these shows? Also if anyone has experiences or tips, Id love to hear them? Thank you in advance.
 #169746  by bzbz
I did the last Furthur shows in 2014

It was a great vacation - but Furthur gave you more a bang for your buck - it was 4 shows over 4 nights, with a surprise Weir acoustic show one afternoon

Dead and Co prices are WAY higher than that was, and they dont play every night (!), there are less shows total - AND, the way I figure it, despite the great vacation, if the interest is primarily the band, for the same price you can do an entire tour, maybe with change left over, and see a lot more shows.....

Just sayin'
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