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 #129811  by Deadhead85
 Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:28 am
Given the amount of pedals I use (currently using pedals in the main signal line, as well as the effects loop in the amp), I got looking into Line Selector pedals. All of the ones I've looked at so far, only give the option of having loop A or loop B active. Is there one that allows not only A or B, but A AND B? I'd like to try one out, it would give me a very pure signal, almost just like going guitar -> amp. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
 #129824  by Deadhead85
 Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:10 pm
Thanks for the replies, I will be looking into those. Ive also thought about getting a custom one made, if I choose to get one. My main thought or question I have now is....

If I do use a A/B for both my main pedalboard, and my effects loop board...I will obviously be able to switch between boards as I want. However, if I decide to have both A & B on, will that be the same as just having pedals on your main signal line? Or will it be clearer, more genuine guitar tone? Will it have any positive effect on the overall tone? :?:
 #130684  by Marleyboy
 Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:00 am
If everything is on its like the loop switch isn't there . The point really besides being able to turn multiple pedals on with one switch is to take out tone suckers while your not using them . Like if you have an old phase 100 or a whammy they are not true bypass .they bleed and kill your signal . The loop switch bypasses it with no bleed. I true bypass all my effects ,phase , mutron, od-1 and so on . However I use the looper to bypass my whammy . That thing KILLS my tone ! I play a Bruno and no effects loop which kinda sucks but I make up for it with 2 loopers and obel. Its always nice to bypass cable and pedals when possible . I find it very helpful having a buffer in my volume pedal too and a buffer at the start and finish of my chain (maybe over kill ) think I have 4 buffers total . I also use a boost at the beginning of each loop .actually not loop one , loop one goes straight into mutron .i know Jerry guys wouldn't agree but I also use a Ross comp before my octaves oc-2 and byoc divided octave . I'm definitely no expert on pedal placement but I think I'm starting to get a handle on it . If I were you I would put a buffer at the end and beginning and in volume pedal to cover you when all loops are on . Again there are guys on this message board that are a billion times more knowledgable than me . So if I'm off base here ....
 #130698  by cmc64
 Sun Jul 28, 2013 6:47 am
I got a switcher from LoopMaster and it I really like it. Mine is just an eight effect pedal switcher (eight loops, each one with a toggle for on/off and an LED) but they can build you just about whatever you might need. Mine has a master on/off, a tuner out, and then eight pedal loops. The tuner toggle silents the entire rig (unless you have an OBEL) and the unit is true bypass. Each pedal grounds out when bypassed so there is no leakage. It is passive and dead silent. You can order it with or without LED's (I color coded mine to my effects, blue is MU-III, yellow is Dist+, amber is Phase 100 and so on) and the LED's add no noise whatsoever. As the unit is true bypass you need to either have a buffer in your guitar or a buffer pedal before the switcher to avoid signal degradation down the line

Mine took about six weeks to build but since then Mark (I think that is his name) who runs the business hired some help and they are getting the units out in about two weeks, The units do not have the midi-capable flexibility of Voodoo Labs GCX/Ground Control units, for example, but for a low cost, high quality switcher, the LoppMaster nails it. The audio quality of my signal path increased dramatically when I got the switcher. And when I say dramatically I mean night and day.

edit: After re-reading the thread I believe I just repeated everything Marleyboy wrote. It is Sunday morning an I am not awake yet....

edit: And everyone else... :smile: