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 #113001  by hawk900
 Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:05 pm
After finally doing my complete capacitor overhaul with some even sweeter and bigger hifi poly and film .1uf bypass caps on both driver and main input board. I noticed two resistors on each driver cards 4 total which are original carbon ones running hot by noticing all the brown around the board on the underside. Even one has a small hole in it. R40 mono side card 22ohm has the hole and alot of brown on the board as well as R39 22ohm it's left side partner and also R32 and R31 10ohm ones beside that cement block wirewound R1 and R2.
Does anyone have a recommendations? Not sure the appr. wattage but maybe a bigger wattage would help and make sure to solder new ones back and leave some space between the res. and circuit board for circulation.

Thanks and any help would B Gratefully Appreciated.
 #113075  by hawk900
 Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:22 am
Picked out a sweet set CarbonMetalics and two killer wire wounds for R1 and R2 6.3 K with built on heat sinks.
Now this MC2100 is cleaner than it was built OMG what a diff. Especially with all the new jumbo sized caps from Rubycon and Panasonics hi fi's