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 #108488  by ugly rumor
 Sat Jan 28, 2012 1:31 pm
two things for the Meyer Sound heads here:

On ebay, I see blown speakers for sale. There is no kit for a Meyer Sound speaker from Meyer. There is an aftermarket kit, but of inferior quality, and then you no longer have a Meyer Sound product. Meyer Sound sells replacement speakers only; no rebuild kits! Also, I see speakers on ebay for over $400. Meyer Sound sells their 15" driver for $500 MSRP, discounted 20%, so cost to you is $375. Don't overpay for a speaker of dubious history when you can get a new one for a reasonable cost, and you know where it has been and how it has been treated. Did you know that some people on ebay misrepresent? Hard to believe, but true, unfortunately.

Also, a Bag End cabinet without a Bag End speaker is not a Bag End product.


Hope this is helpful to som-a-y'all!!!