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 #171475  by Anthony A
Hello all, I am looking for a good substitute for the DiMarzio super 2 pickups for a guitar project I am working on and could really use some help finding some other pickups that are similar is sound/clarity. Every time I try to look it up, super 2 and super distortion comes up from DiMarzio and then the single coils that he used. That's all I seem to find. Thanks for the assistance.
 #171488  by jackietreehorn
A Super D or 2 is just under $80 new. That’s about as cheap as it gets in the world of aftermarket pickups unless you’re going for one of the Asian no name brands. If you wanted to try to go cheaper you could look for some kind of vintage strat voiced pickup from one of those companies - like Jerry had in Alligator or early Wolf, but I think your best bet is to decide what era of tone your going for, zero in on the pickup used or recommended to get the sound and save up. Otherwise you’re just as likely to end up buying multiple cheaper sets of pickups trying to find something that doesn’t sound right.
Of course, I’ve heard plenty of Jerry players get a great Jerry tone on something as simple as a stock strat or PRS because they have the technique down.
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 #171875  by DeadSker
There really is no substitute. There are some on ebay that look to be knock off Dimarzios ( Search for "Hex Humbucker"). I have saved some money on them by getting them on Reverb and Ebay, new and used. If you are going for the sound of a split Super II in the middle position, there is nothing that does it quite the same as the dimarzio. I also recall hearing someone here mention a Carvin single coil as a substitute.