#48944  by Pete B.
 Sun Sep 07, 2008 7:40 pm

I have reached the intended audience!
 #53176  by extract9
 Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:53 pm
I wouldn't give Bobby the credit here (no offense), but this is a very solid "Jerry Bend". And to give credit where due, the riff is supported by a bit o'bobby wammy texture - I'm NO vibrato bar purist - and even more so credit due to Brent for the preceding spooky/ethereal Brent synth note bend upwards to the moon underneath that supports Jerry.

Here's Jerry's riff: Strike the 3rd string once whilst on the 4th Fret (B) and bend it up a whole step to (E), then release bent string (sustaining still) and return it back to the original starting position (B) 4th fret. Use some heavy finger vibrato on the B resolve. And with the B note still vibrating from your first and only strick, walk the scale down to the E via pull-off/slide downs to G# (3rd note in an E Scale) to finish with the E Chord strum at resolve.

Feel: Gerry would roll up the volume on his guitar right before when he'd hit that bend, then roll back off volume on the pull-off and riff walk down part. For the right affect, add some reverb and minor delay (not too heavy dude) and put the emphasis on the bend and resolve with the finger vibrato, then tip toe your way down to the resolve with that Jerry feel and E magic that comes after the tension from the bend. This is a hard one to make sound right - even for an expert player - because Jerry's is a master of vibrato *one of his trademarks* :wink:

Also, this is a guitarists lesson in ethereal pain to textured sweetness and forgiveness from a guitar string over 5 second period... Jerry was a master of texture & vibrato, and the riff on the way down off the bend is a real trick to make it sound as soulful as Jerry did. Bending up may be hard for the novice (try lighter strings first) but the real trick is the bend resolve, vibrato and the riff walkdown to smooth E resolve. Try it to see how tasty, drippy and painfully sweet you can make it. And also, feel free to throw out the whammy bar (on this one).

Long answer, but keep on keepin on!
 #53200  by jonarobb
 Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:12 am
caspersvapors wrote:bobby hits a harmonic after every verse and bends it with tremolo, anybody know what frets and strings its on?
In the 80's this harmonic was pretty....

Weir would hit it on the E minor and B7

For the E Minor it's the high E and B string at the 12th fret

For the B7 it's the high E and B string at the 7th fret

If you're doing the Weir thing in a band and you like 80's-90's Dead, do not throw out the whammy bar. In fact, keep another in your back pocket... ;)
 #53202  by ronster
 Mon Dec 01, 2008 11:18 am
For the E Minor it's the high E and B string at the 12th fret

For the B7 it's the high E and B string at the 7th fret
+1, same as in Sugaree