#52942  by Emoto
 Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:41 am
Crap. I just pulled out the Englishtown Peggy-O (my favorite, so far) and it is in A. I've been playing it in G since sometime in the late 70s. :shock:
 #52946  by jeffm725
 Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:03 am
Peggy-o is another good example of a song whose total feel changes in the key change. I much prefer the key of A versions to the Pre-hiatus G vrsions.

Dire Wolf is another song that was different pre vs. post hiatus and I really like the later versions.

Speaking of those chord books that transpose stuff (like sugaree to c), I remember seing Help on the Way starting on Emin instead of Fmin .....but Franklins was was the normal A>G>D...so my question to the book writers is how the heck do you reconcile that?! If you were to play that Help the 1/2 step down...that would throw everything after that 1/2 step down, including franklins!

One of the Worst Key changes ever:
The 1998 Other Ones tour had Phil doing China Doll in a transposed key and it just did not work at ALL...China Doll is another one that just screams for the original key. It is so tied to the Dminor in my mind and Dminor is the "saddest of all keys" to quote The master Nigel Tufnel.