#8190  by simon bedford
Hi folks, new to the community here, have spent the last couple of days reading and enjoying, I have a question that maybe somebody out there will know the answer too, in the song "So many roads" the lyrics go

"thought I heard a jug band playing/if you wont then who will?"

I am curious if that lyric rings any bells for anyone? Hunter was well versed in jug band music so I can't help but think he had a specific song in mind. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

 #8196  by simon bedford
Yes I checked that site earlier, it seems unlikely , actually not even remotely possible that Robert Hunter would have a jug band playing a Dr. John song from the late 60s.

 #8199  by strumminsix
He wrote "thought I heard" whereby he didn't actually hear it or he thought he heard it and listened closer and realized it was not.