#4760  by Kevcoorz
 Fri Apr 07, 2006 7:32 am
Hi, I'm new to playing and I love this song. It is nice and slow and seems like a good song for a beginner. Can anyone help with the strumming pattern?

 #4761  by strumminsix
 Fri Apr 07, 2006 8:04 am
Peggy-O is not an easy song persay.

Here is how I play it:
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Intro strum: A, Asus4
   A       D             A
As we rode out to Fennerio
   A  E    F#m        C#m
As we rode out to Fennerio
    D               A
Our Captain fell in love
       A    Abm    F#m
With a lady like a dove
       A             D                  A
And he called her by name, Pretty Peggy-O
Now here is where it gets tough, the lyrics on the lines begin begin sung before the 1 and the note you are strumming for the one is sometimes the same as what you were strumming before.

But it presents an awesome opportunity for barre-chords:
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   A  E    F#m        C#m
As we rode out to Fennerio

e -5--4----5-----------4----
b -5--5----7-----------5----
g -6--4----6-----------6----
d -7--6----4-----------6----
a -7--7----------------4----
e -5------------------------
Play the A barred off the 5th and the rest barred off the 4th. Very smooth transitions!
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 #5435  by StratorTele
 Wed May 10, 2006 7:46 am
The song sounds nice with 1st pos. chords too, especially when you bring the little bass run up to the A, which Garcia does often, even during the song. Plus you can hammer on with the F#m which gives it a nice embellishment.

Bar chords and little cheats are nice for rhythm, listen to Bobby slide into them, especially in the Duke 78 version (theres a video of it on youtube)

Any idea on how Garcia picks the intro? This is one of those songs where he goes back and forth with fingerpicking, which really makes it nice.

 #5442  by tigerstrat
 Wed May 10, 2006 9:43 am
The "A Abm F#m" should really be a "A A/G# F#m"... but even if it was Abm, the convention is to have all incidentals match, i.e. all sharps or all flats.

It was usually really combination picking, more often than being pure fingerpicking....maybe not on this tune though... :-?

 #5447  by strumminsix
 Wed May 10, 2006 11:07 am
The "A Abm F#m" should really be a "A A/G# F#m"