#3606  by strumminsix
Oh, of course 5/8 is overrated by many. How many heads out there have we all heard say "It's the best show ever", "nothing was ever as good as that night", "sure xx/xx/xx is good, but it ain't no 5/8/77".

I've heard these type of statements for years. So for those who say things like that, yes, it is overrated.

Plus, it discounts the Pig years, the TC shows, the single drummer years, the Brent era, the Samba years (hahahaa).

I think it is one of the best shows ever maybe out of my top 25. However the GD had so many different eras that I could never isolate a single show as the best and that is another reason I say overrated.

Ever heard a Pig Hard to Handle or shows with Dark Star > St Stephen > The Eleven > Turn On Your Love Light

Or Bren't soulful singing????

Or a TC Dark Star??!?

 #3608  by jck_strw
From what I remember (and I've been known to be wrong on an occasion or two, ask my wife), the 5-8-77 show was one of the first shows that was widely disseminated from the Betty Cantor-Jackson footlocker. The fact that the recording is pristine and it is a good show may have coloured some opinions at the time. And then everyone started mouthing the same company line.

As far as making it to the top 25? That'd be a reach for me. Like I said, it's a good show and there's some good songs on there, it just doesn't have _that moment_ in it for me.

But if listening to this show brings a smile to someone else, go nuts. Just know that if you're going to be trapped on a desert island with me, this isn't making the cut. ;^)

 #3617  by sarraqum
Don't get me wrong, I am not saying the 5/8/77 show is the best show ever, like strumminsix said GD had so many eras that it would just be silly to use ONE show as a statement.
I am in love with the TC and Pigpen days and a big fan of Brent's work, and the 70s of course, despite Donna's shrieks and Keith occasional "lazyness"(although when he is good he is very good), and I know that each era has produced a great number of quality shows, 5/8/77 being one of them. But its just one moment in time and there defitently were more.
Then again, Lemmings the game came out absolute ages ago and I still like playing it...

 #7303  by tigerstrat
Dew is not a ballad.

Neither are Stella Blue, China Doll, Comes A Time, Standing On The Moon, Row Jimmy, or Days Between. A ballad is NOT a slow or moderate tempo song, in fact it has nothing to do with pacing, and everything to do with the lyrics. If it narrates a story, it's a ballad. Thus, "The Ballad of Frankie & Johnny", "the Ballad of Casey Jones" or the clearly uptempo "Ballad of John & Yoko"... a few Jerry tunes that COULD be considered ballads might be Dire Wolf, Dupree's, Loose Lucy or Lady w/a Fan, and possibly Wharf Rat or even Bertha by a stretch of the imagination.

 #7304  by strumminsix
tigerstrat wrote:Dew is not a ballad.
If it narrates a story, it's a ballad.
Isn't Morning Dew a post-apocalyptic (nuclear) story of a conversation between man and a woman realizing what's become of the world?

 #7305  by tigerstrat
strumminsix wrote:
tigerstrat wrote:Dew is not a ballad.
If it narrates a story, it's a ballad.
Isn't Morning Dew a post-apocalyptic (nuclear) story of a conversation between man and a woman realizing what's become of the world?
Sure, but it's not a narrative, as "so and so did this, then this happened , then he went to such and such town and murdered his bride blah blah..." which actually makes me sort of re-think Wharf Rat, which only has a couple of actual narrative elements....that and nothing really happens in it either.

A lot of the more traditional covers are in ballad form, such as "Fenario", "Wind & Rain" or "Whiskey In The Jar"... hey FOTD, that's a good one.

But my point is that many many people seem to think that a ballad is any slower-tempo song, which is a misnomer. LOL, almost no "power-ballads" are ballads. "Heaven isn't too far awa-ayyyyyy..."

 #7306  by strumminsix
So Damn Yankee's "High Enough" isn't a ballad?

I now must rethink everything I've ever known.

 #7307  by CaptainTrips
any of the Dews from the Europe tour in '72 are more than enough to tickle my fancy.

 #7315  by whitelacestrange
caspersvapors wrote:I just heard a really crazy dew

http://www.archive.org/details/gd87-09- ... sbeok.shnf

Jerry hits this what sounds at first like a bad note around 9:26 and just makes it sound nuts! wtf was that?!
i have that show in my stereo right now, awesome dew... that whole show is just amazing. thats actually probrobly my favorite dew of all time.

 #12882  by Phil'sDeadRat

Though the 60's M.D.'s where rockin an raw and the most of the 70's were more defined and tone, the 85' Iko>MDew from that richmont VA DicksPicks is great
OH MAN and the3 DP14 MD finale is sorrowpacked
SHIT MAN it's not out there. THEY are all so great and different w/ jerry's mood and era


 #12884  by BigJilm
I cant believe nobodys mentioned dew from 5/2/70 at harpur college its fuckin amazing, the whole show is, it has to be one of my top 10 favorite shows

 #12914  by Phil'sDeadRat
Morning Dew from the 60s ar soo rad and the 70's and up are perfected i think. I dunno man they're are soo soo soo many great MDs it's impossible to pick JUST ONE favorite. I like different versions when I am in different moods.

 #14801  by Foolship
does anybody know "Going' east"? (Its said so on the cover, but i can't find it in the discography...)
There i think is one of the best Morning Dew i ever heard...its my favourite one.

 #14826  by colotic
5-11-69 dead & santana in san diego!!!! good show give it a listen. dew opener
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