#168072  by old man down
 Thu Sep 03, 2020 2:07 pm
To tell the truth, I had to type in pinch harmonics in my browser to see what it meant, and there was a vid to click, some British guy with a red strat demoing the technique.

It then dawned on me that I hold the pick on such a short leash that I get pinch harmonics a little, just by the way I play naturally. If I relax while playing, the pick will start to become "unleashed" and if it moves out away from my grip, then the playing gets sloppy, the pick starts to rotate around, and then its just a matter of time until it sails off into thin air.

I think Jerry just naturally held the pick on a short leash — for control — and the pinches came naturally for him, and before he knew it, it was second nature for him, intuitive, and he liked the sound too.

On my current go around on Loser, and this time really delving in because I am retired and YouTube makes learning so enjoyable, what with being able to cue up the song, just hit the left arrow key and you can hear the snippet again and again, and then spacebar to stop it, try it yourself, repeat… you can really flesh out the runs.

But also what I like is experimenting with these edgy runs of his at 75%/50% speeds, and you can really hear the notes.