White Dove

Old & In The Way


 Last Updated 06/18/96

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Thanks to Greg Poulos for contributing this one

[Intro: E    B    E]

       E            E7              A
In the deep rolling hills of old Virginia
          E               B
There’s a place I love so well
        E          E7         A
Where I spent many days of my childhood
       E              B        E
In the cabin where we loved to dwell

White Dove will mourn in sorrow
The willow will hang their head
I live my life in sorrow
Since mother and daddy are dead

We were all so happy there together
In our peaceful little country home
But the savior needs angels up in heaven
Now they sing around the great White Dove



As the years roll by I often wonder
Will we all meet together someday
And each night as I wander through the graveyard
Darkness finds me where I kneel to pray


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