When The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game

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Dmaj7 Bb Everyday things change, Gm F#7 Em Em F# G A And the world puts on a new face Dmaj7 Bb Certain things rearrange Gm F#7 Em Em F# G A And this old world seems like a new place Bm Em Secretly I’ve been trailin’ you G Bm A G A Like the fox that preys on rabbit Bm Em I had to get you and so I knew G A G A I had to learn your ways and habits F#m Em Bm Em Ooooooh, you were the catch that I was after F#m Em But I looked up and I was in your arms Bm Em And I, I had been captured F#m Em What’s this ol’ world comin’ to? Em F#m G A Bm Things just ain’t the same G F#7 Em Bm Anytime the hunter gets captured by the game I laid such a tender trap Hopin’ that you might fall into it Your love hit me like a sudden snap One kiss and then I knew it Ooooooooh, my plan didn’t work out Like I thought ‘Cause I’d laid my trap for you, But it seems that I got caught What’s this ol’ world comin’ to? Things just ain’t the same Anytime the hunter gets captured by the game


(^) Slide Up  (\) Slide Down  (h) Hammer On  (p) Pull Off  (b) Bend

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