Strugglin' Man


 Last Updated 03/16/96

General Rules On Chord Charts

 D    G
G    F#m
F#m  A   D

D    C         G        D
Everyman has a right to live
        C           G       D
Love is all that we have to give
            C               G          D
Together we struggle by our will to survive
                 C             G     D
Then together we fight just to stay alive

G          A              D
Struggling Man has got to move
G          A              D    D/C#  Bm
Struggling Man No time to lose
I'm a struggling man
A                      D
  And I've got to move on

As the sunlights the day and the moon lights the night
Struggling man keeps reaching for the higher heights
So we plan for tomorrow as we live for today
Like a flower we bloom and then later, fade away

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