Lonesome L.A. Cowboy

That High Lonesome Sound


 Last Updated 12/28/96

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         A             G
I'm just lonesome L.A. cowboy,
        D                E
Hangin' out, and hangin' on
        A             G
To your window ledge, callin' your name
     D              E
From midnight until dawn
       D             E
I been smokin' dope, snortin' coke,'n
A                 D
Tryin' to write a song
D               A
Forgettin' everything I know
          E                A      A7
Until the next line comes along
D               A
Forgettin' everything I know
          E               A
Until the next line comes along

        A                     G
So many pretty people in this city, and I swear
D                E
Some of them are girls
          A                G
I meet'em down at Barney's Beanery in their
D                  E
Platform shoes and spit curls
  D              E
I buy'em drinks, stoke our hopes
           A                D
And try to make it one more night
When I left alone at last
  E                       A
I feel like I'll die from cryin'

I know Kris and Rita and Marty Mull
Are meeting at the Troubadour
We'll get it on with the "Joy Of Cooking"
While the crowd calls out for more
Around six o'clock this morning
I'll be gettin' kind of slow
When all the shows are over, honey, tell me,
Where do you think I go?

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