Hobo Song

Old And In The Way


 Last Updated 03/25/96

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Asus4     A    Asus4    A

                 F#m     E   D
Too late to feel sorrow,
                 Bm     A    G
Too late to feel pain
Now he’s just an old hobo
A        Asus4      A
Lost out in the rain
                  F#m      E   D
He’ll never cause trouble,
                 Bm      A   G
So don’t have no fear
He’s just an old hobo,
          A       Asus4         A
And he’ll soon be far away from here

C#                           D             Dsus4  D
He used to be a gambling man just like you
Until he sank so low that there was
E                         Asus4    A
Nothin’ that no one could do

Oh, don't make him ask you,
Don’t make him beg
He was a war hero
And that’s how he hurt his leg
Well, killed thirty ‘ingines,
With one cannon ball
Now he’s just an old hobo
Asleep out in the hall

A wife and five children
Who live in L.A.
Oh, they miss their dear daddy
Who’s gone so far away
They still have his picture,
It’s a-hung on the wall
Now he’s just an old hobo
Asleep out in the hall

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