High Lonesome Sound

High Lonesome Sound


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Thanks to Jim for contributing this one.

Intro:D - A - E - A

Well get you father, get your mother,
Get your sister get your brother,
Aunt Lucy, gonna show Uncle John.
How to do the boogie woogie
While the kissin' cousin chasin'
Chicken out on the old back lawn.
Y'all come with one another,
Just a-go a little further,
If the schoolbus don't brake down.
Campfires burnin',
In the night my heart is yearning
For the sight of the ole campground.


         D             A
And that High Lonesome Sound
         D                E
When the evenin' sun goes down,
        D               A
I'll be crawlin' on the ground,
                               E             A
When I hear a fiddle play that High Lonesome Sound.

Well bring along your lawn chair
For sittin' in the fresh air
Around the cooler full of beer and watch the show.
There's clog dancin', horses prancin',
Syncopated music playin',
Girls lookin pretty,don't you know.

Ah, look at old man Pappy,
He's feelin' kind of snappy
Seems like he just don't care,
That he’s over 93
He's as spry as he can be
Dancin' to the music in the air.


Well young 'uns, old ones
Lookin' like they're havin' fun
Enjoyin' the country review
Tellin' jokes to all the folks
How the water beaker? meter? broke
And how this grass got blue.
Hey Mr. Fiddle man
Play us all a little jam now
Na na na....
And that's the way Monroe says
Uncle Pen's on him to play
Ridin' on the back of a mule.


I hear a fiddle play that High Lonesome Sound (x3)

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