Don't Let Go

Jerry Garcia Band


 Last Updated 03/18/96

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Here that whistle, it's six o'clock
(Don't let go, don't let go)
Come on baby, it's time to rock
I'm so happy to have you here
Keeps me grinnin' from ear to ear

SN Bass - A B C#

D       A     Asus4   A
Ooooooh-weeee,        this feelin's killin' me
D       A     Asus4  A
Aaaaaah-shucks,      I wouldn't stop it for a million bucks
D          A  Asus4   A
I love you so,        just hold me tight and don't let go
Hold me tight and don't let go

Thunder, lightnin', wind and rain
Love is hummin' inside my brain
One thing baby, that keeps me cryin'
You been keepin your lips from mine

Hound dog barkin' upside the hill
Love is draggin' him through the mill
If it wasn't for havin' you
I'd be barkin' and hollerin' too

Someday baby, I'll get you yet
I'll be hollerin', sobbin' wet
One thing baby, I'll never stand
Your lips kissin' some other man

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