Casey Jones (Shady Grove)

Casey Jones

Shady Grove


 Last Updated 01/12/97

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G               G7  C               G
One Sunday morning, look shower and rain
                         A          D
Round the bend, come the passenger train
             G7  C     G
In the cabin was Casey Jones
Mobile engineer but he’s dead and gone

Mrs. Casey, when she heard the news
Sittin’ on the bed, she was lacin’ up her shoes
Children, children, now catch your breath
You’ll draw a pension at your papa’s death

Children, children, now get your hat
Tell me mama, what do you mean by that?
Get your hat, put it on your head
Goin’ to town, see your papa is dead

Casey said before he died
"Fix the blinds so that the bums can ride.
"If they ride, let’em ride the rods,
Put their trust in the hand of God."

Casey said before he died
"Two more roads that I want to ride."
People said, "What road Casey, can that be?"
"The Colorado and the Sante Fe."

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