Waiting for a Miracle

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Waiting For A Miracle

Jerry Garcia Band


 Last Updated 10/04/96
A B E A E Working and waiting in the hot sun A B E A E With all the rich saints, and the fallen ones A F#7 E C#m Working and waiting for the night to come A B And the waiting for a, and the waiting for a E A E And the waiting for a miracle Somewhere out there is a land that's cool Where peace and balance are the rule Working for the future like some kind of mystic jewel And the waiting for a, and the waiting for a And the waiting for a miracle C#m B You wipe the palm of your hand on the grimy pane F#m In the hopes that you can see (when you're waiting) C#m B Stand up tall, pretend you're strong F#m In the hopes that you can be (when you're waiting) C#m B Like the one's that cry, like the ones that die F#m A A/G# Trying to set the angel in us free A/F# A/E A B And the waiting for a, and the waiting for a E A E And the waiting for a miracle Scuffle for a nickel, struggle for a dime Forget about the past, leave your worries behind Home come the future has to take such a long, long time? When you're waiting for a, when you're waiting for a When you're waiting for a miracle


(^) Slide Up  (\) Slide Down  (h) Hammer On  (p) Pull Off  (b) Bend

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