Jenny Jenkins

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Jenny Jenkins

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 Last Updated 07/12/96


Will you wear white
Oh my dear, oh my dear
D                          A
Will you wear white, Jenny Jenkins?
No I won't wear white
For the color's too bright.

I'll buy me a foldy-roldy, tildy-toldy
Seek-a-double, use-a-cozza roll to find me
     A               D
Roll, Jenny Jenkins, roll.

Will you wear green...
No, I won't wear green
It's a shame to be seen.

Will you wear blue...
No, I won't wear blue
For the color's too true.

Will you wear yellow...
No, I won't wear yellow
For I'd never get a fellow,

Will you wear brown...
No, I won't wear brown
For I'd never get around.

Will you wear beige
No, I won't wear beige
For it shows my age.

Will you wear orange
No, orange I won't wear
And it rhymes so there.

What will you wear?
Oh what do you care,
If I just go bare.

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